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My muse list has been updated to take account of what muses currently have DW journals (they're at the top). I need to update the LJ section of it sometime, but it may just end up with that section getting deleted if all my games move off of LJ.

Also, last chance to ask me to move a specific muse over and have it honored immediately! Others will have to wait on account of DW going back to needing invite codes.

This is crossposted to LJ for those of my friends who haven't made the move and/or don't have me friended on DW.
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Not going to go on at length about the recent shenanigans with LJ. You can probably see thoughts analogous to mine on the matter in any of a kajillion posts that've gone up recently, or any of the comments (which must be approaching 20,000 in total by now) put up on the various news and release posts related to r88. Some of the comments on the latter actually are mine, as are the three feedback submissions, one technical support request, and one suggestion submission that have been sent in to LJ.

I'm just going to contribute two things if there's anyone on my flist that hasn't seen them:
This post regarding what [ profile] igrick thinks of all of us English-speaking users (because we're all Americans, of course)
and this one about why everyone's complaining the new layout gives them headaches.

That said, I'm leaving. Not as much because of the changes themselves as because of LJ's handling of them and its position as the end a downward spiral regarding its treatment of its users. Any continued presence I have on LJ is going to be for the benefit of RPs I'm in that don't move; my personal journal, as little as it gets used, will be moving over to Dreamwidth. I'm matthias_wave there, too, so anyone else hopping over there, feel free to add me! All the old stuff here's getting imported over there if there's anything you can't bear to lose for some reason (not that I'm deleting this; it's not as if anyone else is likely to want this journal name).

... That's more length than I'd planned on, but oh well. Thanks for putting up with me, friends! Hope to see you again later!
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I'm... not really sure how to feel right now.

I've just given my mother permission to donate my cello to the high school in Joplin - the town that got hit really badly with a tornado last spring. They lost all their instruments in the storm.

On the one hand, I'm not really likely to ever play it again. I don't have the time management skills to arrange to play it now in college, and I honestly don't really think I have the motivation to do so after I graduate. The kids in Joplin will definitely get more use out of it than I do.

On the other, well... I've played the cello since fifth grade, and I've had that cello since... god, I think since eighth or ninth grade. All through high school, definitely - ever since I got tall enough to play a full-sized cello. We rented it pretty much until we'd paid enough to buy it outright, and it's gotten fixed up a lot over time, to the point that I think half the parts of the instrument were ones we got replaced - new bridge, new endpin, new fingerboard, bunch of cracks closed up. I think we may even have replaced the soundpost at one point. It's gone from a crappy rental cello to a really good instrument. And, well, I've had it for a long time.

I only really started to enjoy music once I got the chance to make it; I know I enjoyed it a lot better than I ever really did any sort of visual art. A lot of my friends in high school were ones I knew through orchestra.

I think it started out as a school cello, so I guess it's really only fitting that it ends up as one again. So long, Woody. Hopefully you'll make the kids in Joplin as happy as you've made me.
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Okay, this is beginning to annoy me. Since around one o'clock this afternoon - maybe longer, but that was the first chance I've had to get on line since early morning yesterday (yeah, I stay up way too late) - I've been having problems with three sites:

1) LJ itself - most pages seem to take somewhere between ten minutes and half an hour to load completely. It seems to stall out on the ads. A couple pages load at the normal rate, though - I've only seen it in two communities so far ([ profile] dramadramaduck and [ profile] kingdomdressing)
2) Plurk completely refuses to load.
3) Some pages on Neopets also take ages to load.

Now, for a while, I had this problem where Plurk and LJ would occasionally do this, but that a) went away if I quit and restarted Firefox; b) didn't happen at all in Safari; and c) stopped happening once I fixed the thing that was preventing me from upgrading Firefox. So far I've tried restarting Firefox - no luck. Switching over to Safari didn't work either. Nor did restarting the whole computer. The fact that it's three different sites makes me hesitate to blame it on the sites themselves, especially Neopets (which has never done this before even when this happened normally), but the other options are either my computer or the dorm's internet connection, and I'm slightly mystified as to why either of those would have screwed up in the time I was offline.

Has this been happening for anyone else?
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Hokay, massive stuff post - have been back at college and busy recently.

Part 1: Love for my CS 125 lecturer )

Part 2: LARP troubles )

Part 3: Dieses gottverdammte Wetter! )

Final note: I really think it's rather inconsiderate of them to have the Super Bowl on my birthday.
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As of about a month ago, Voyager 1 was about 115.25 AU or about two thousandths of a light-year from Earth. Two days ago, it was announced that it had entered the heliosheath, passing the boundary where the solar wind from the sun slows to a stop. It is now only about four years from being officially in interstellar space. As one article put it, "the wind is now no longer at Voyager's back" - and as [ profile] hitchhiker said, we're "tapping the eggshell."
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Would someone care to explain to me how making fully half of a quiz concern a topic from a full year ago (hence a different course in the department), applied in a nearly completely non-intuitive manner, that has absolutely nothing to do with the topics the quiz ostensibly covers, seems to be a good idea?

How a solar sail works. Very quantum-mechanics-y. Except for the bit where it requires dredging up an equation that hasn't been used since physics 211 (a full year ago - I'm now in physics 214) and applying it in a way never even hinted at in either course. And at no point did this have anything to do with the topics we've covered in the course this week (which is what the quiz was supposed to be about). The only idea that came close to touching on the course we're in was using a laser to provide momentum, which is a basic subject covered weeks ago now and is only tangentially relevant to the process of solving the problem.
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The Tea Party movement has apparently reached new levels of stupid. The Oregon branch appropriated Anonymous' slogan (the general name for the near-hivemind that trollers originating from the /b/ boards on 4chan sometimes show). Unchanged. And then Anonymous spammed their Facebook page until they took down the slogan and had to blank out their wall completely.

As I remarked (it should be at the very end of the comments at time of posting, somewhere on page 4):

Re: the "How could they do this?" comments - I'm assuming sabotage. Someone suggested the slogan without explaining what it meant.

Of course, that doesn't address the fact that the slogan has absolutely nothing to do with the Tea Party, or how they apparently failed to notice that Anonymous is capitalized. Or the fact that, as someone pointed out, Legion (capitalized) was the name of a group of demons. That were exorcised and put into pigs. Which immediately drowned themselves.

On second thought, that's a great name for them, considering what they've just done XD
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Apparently roleplaying games will take over your life. I mean, most everyone who reads this has heard me babbling about the Changeling game I'm in at least a little, but this one wasn't intentional.

Especially since I don't think Changeling normally has random encounters.

Anyway, I was at the bookstore (actually at the bank, which is inside the bookstore for reasons I suspect benefit the store) when I ran into one of the other players - whom I'll call "Fox" here, because her character more or less is. Well, I say ran into - apparently she saw me come in, but I didn't hear her calling.

So what did she do? She snuck up behind me and addressed my character in her character's voice. Given that Fox's voice has a definite dangerous undercurrent to it, you can imagine my reaction to hearing it purring "Hello Dark-eyes" in my ear. Namely that it scared the crap out of me - I think I may have stepped on her foot, but if I did she didn't say anything about it.

We had a pleasant conversation while I waited for one of the tellers at the bank to be free (in which I informed her I couldn't be at game because I was spending Easter at home), but it was just the start that was weird. And about gave me a heart attack.
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 Have just been to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie with someone from the Changeling game I'm in. And it is awesome.

Cut for tl;dr-ing )
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Okay, technically it isn't my birthday for five hours yet. However, I got my first package today~

Admittedly I was expecting presents when I saw I had a package waiting, but I'd have to say what it turned out to be was better - my family sent me a gooey butter cake for my birthday!


presumably if presents are going to come they'll be here tomorrow or next week
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 I still haven't managed to find the textbook for one of my courses. I'm about to the point where I'm ready to just reserve the thing online so they'll tell me when the shipment gets in. It's just that one of the bookstores said it would be in "any day now" and that was a week ago - a week after they said it was ordered.

In related news, I am still frustrated by my inability to find the later two books in the Larklight trilogy. One of the college bookstores here had the first one, but that's because they order random assortments of books to arrange into nice displays and there is no printing of Larklight, to my knowledge, that does not have a red cover (which appears to have been the theme for this display). However, the nice man upstairs running the counter for General Books offered to order them for me, so I might take them up on that offer at some point if I don't just bite the bullet and try to find them online.

Also, I have just seen a wonderful comment on [ profile] fanficrants about a continuity snarl in Marvel - Captain America is alive again in most of the main continuity, but the series where he gets resurrected isn't quite finished. Therefore, it is amusingly remarked that he is suffering "a slight case of Schroedingeritis" .


Jan. 23rd, 2010 03:25 am
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You know how they say villains always get the best songs? Especially in Disney?

Turns out they get the best songs for other villains as well. There are a whole bunch of Youtubes dedicated to giving other characters Dr. Facilier's "I Got Friends on the Other Side" to other villains - usually a spliced-together group of Disney villains, with the occasional other animated villain thrown in (I found one with Rasputin from Anastasia and one with the priest from The Road to El Dorado), but some with just one or two (Jafar, Hades, and Oogie Boogie, predictably, are popular for this purpose).

And for some reason I've found no less than three such AMVs for 9, all assigning Dr. Facilier's part to 1 (which, since he's the closest thing to a villain with a speaking part and also has the requisite hat, makes sense). One is part of a series of 9 videos using songs from The Princess and the Frog.

Here are a few of the best: - The best of the 9 recuts I can find: 1, with 9 and 5 as Naveen and Lawrence (a conceit all three share, since one apparently inspired the other two). - One of the better multi-villain cuts, though the song's been cut short. Ursula, Malificent, Hades, the Mirror and Wicked Queen from Snow White,and Tzekel-Kan from Road to El Dorado. - Scar, with Simba and Zazu for Naveen and Lawrence. - Kefka from Dissidia Final Fantasy, with Cloud and the Onion Knight for Naveen and Lawrence - warning, not for people who are afraid of clowns. A few other villains get faded in, notably Oogie Boogie and Hades in their Kingdom Hearts incarnations, and Sephiroth. - As a special bonus, Dr. Facilier with "Poor Unfortunate Souls." It is, unfortunately, the Jonas Brothers cover and the video quality isn't the greatest, but it'sstill a fitting song, and a rock version of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" isn't actually that bad.
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 I'm kind of vaguely terrified of going back to school, because I wasn't able to avoid having early classes and I know I don't wake up to alarms anymore. And I have a freaking electromagnetics lab at eight in the morning.

The Persona plot that's starting at DDD made me realize two things. The first is an interesting parallel - Shadows in P4 have yellow eyes. Yellow eyes are also used to indicate Darkness in Kingdom Hearts - all Heartless have yellow eyes, and apparently travel in the Dark Corridors causes it if you aren't protected (by the Organization's cloaks, apparently - there's supposedly a scene in Re: Chain of Memories that says this). That gives us DiZ, Xemnas, Xigbar, and Saïx that have done so, though Saïx's eyes might just be for more werewolf parallels.

The other is that Gourry Gabriev is badass. Seriously. This is a guy with absolutely no magical power - the only one of the main characters that doesn't - who stood up to the Lord of Nightmares. A being who is one step above God. For those of you familiar with Dr. Who (which is how I figured this out, Zelgadiss was talking to Ten), think of the Eternals. For anybody who speaks D&D, think something at Overdeity levels. Ao, or the Lady of Pain, or something from the Far Realm.

Completely unrelated to the rest of the post: I has a new icon. It is Latin for "All your base are belong to us." Literally: All-citadel-yours (pl)-are-by us-owned.

Also, anyone know what a good fandom to transplant someone from FFIV would be? Cecil's been hanging around my brain and I need a male character at [ profile] permanent_way ...

I've discovered a fanmade World of Darkness game called Genius: the Transgression. Which is about mad scientists. And there's a PDF set up like a typical setting book. And it is generally awesomeness. I should see if there are any others like that...
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So, ah, yes. I has a muse list now, because Vashdonna complained (about being blindsided by my playing two characters).

Fair warning, anyone reading this will quickly come to the conclusion that I have way too many muses. They're probably right, too.
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Okay, this is interesting. I came across an article (while doing the requisite archive trawl of Digger, since a main character's background involves a version of the story incorporated in) about a variant of the La Llorona and Bloody Mary myths created by homeless children in Miami. And naturally I was thinking that this would be a good thing to port into the World of Darkness setting, because urban legends, especially the scary evil kind, are delightful things to use as inspiration in the WoD and I've been on a kick for the setting recently.

Then I remembered something: each of the new World of Darkness gamelines has a signature setting. Much of the game's framing fiction is set there, and it's described in the sample setting in one of the appendices to the main book for the gameline. Vampire has New Orleans, Werewolf has the Rocky Mountains, Mage has Boston, Promethian has Chicago, Hunter has Philadelphia, Geist has the Bronx...

And Changeling: the Lost? Changeling's signature setting is Miami.

Even though I know we're not in the World of Darkness (especially since according to my ST there are no extant maps of my college's steam tunnels in the World of Darkness), I don't think I'll ever be able to go to Miami without looking over my shoulder. If not for the changelings warring over Grandfather Thunder's endless summer, then for Bloody Mary running through the streets.

Yes, I can separate fiction from reality if I want to. Just because it isn't real doesn't mean it can't give me the screaming heebie-jeebies.


Dec. 16th, 2009 02:04 pm
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They're playing Christmas music in the dining hall.

They just played "Christmas Shoes". If anyone doesn't know how this song goes, it's absolutely heartbreaking, which means I tear up right where everyone can see.

Then again, they just started playing "Angels We Have Heard on High," which I absolutely love for no reason I can really define. So that makes it all better.

Also, I haz been reading Digger - someone should really direct all those people on Metaquotes who put up basically every entry of [ profile] ursulav's to more of her actual work and give them something to really rave about. To put it this way, one of the worst malefactions a wombat can utter translates literally as "I will construct their home with inferior building materials!", and one of the primary supporting characters is a statue of Ganesh, which is very explicitly a statue of Ganesh rather than the god himself.
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... Somehow my frustration at being able to find the second and third Larklight books and the D: at the Temeraire fic on [ profile] fanficrants have combined into a desire to write a Temeraire/Larklight crossover.

I'm not sure how this would even work, considering they're set in two very different alternate histories - Larklight nearly fifty years later - and neither has shown a propensity for negative space wedgies. But I'm sure we can squeeze one into Larklight somewhere...

Though it really would be nice to find the other two Larklight books.


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