matthias_wave: Just what it says - Drow are not good eating (Drow are not good eating)

This is the excellent foppery of the world

That we are villains by necessity, fools by heavenly compulsion

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Name:Hank Morgan/Matthias Wave
Birthdate:Feb 6
Location:Missouri, United States of America
Name: Matthias Waverunner, Davkas Darkeyes, Hank Morgan... I've got a few aliases. Not putting my real name up here, obviously
Age: 19 as of 2010; subject to change, obviously, and don't hold your breath for it being in a timely manner
Location: St. Louis area - not getting any more specific than that
Gender: Male

I ramble a lot, but it's questionable if any of it will end up here instead of my LiveJournal, which was originally only there to have a personal journal for RP comms anyhow.
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